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While representing many carriers that are A- (Excellent) or better rated by A.M. Best, we can get a competitive interest rate for you. An annuity will grow tax-deferred and you will not receive a 1099 on your account each year for the interest earned, unless you pull money out of the account. Trust our St. Louis area agency to find you the right annuity for your situation. We’re located in Brentwood, just outside of St. Louis, MO.

• Traditional Fixed Annuity: This policy guarantees a fixed interest rate each year for the length of the term and provides full value on death.

• Index Annuity or Equity Index Annuities (EIA): Index annuities have characteristics of both fixed and variable annuities. Their return varies more than a fixed annuity, but not as much as a variable annuity. So index annuities give you more risk (more potential return) than a fixed annuity but less risk (and less potential return) than a variable annuity.

Have you lost your job and have a 401k and don't want to risk it in the market? We can help you with options that guarantees growth with no market risk.

They offer a minimum guaranteed interest rate combined with an interest rate linked to a market index. Because of the guaranteed interest rate, index annuities have less market risk than variable annuities. They also have the potential to earn returns better than traditional fixed annuities when the stock market is rising.

• Variable Annuity: Variable annuities offer investment features similar in many respects to mutual funds, a typical variable annuity offers three basic features not commonly found in mutual funds:

  1. Tax-deferred treatment of earnings.
  2. A death benefit.
  3. Annuity payout options that can provide guaranteed income for life.

Generally, variable annuities have two phases:

  1. The “accumulation” phase when investor contributions-premiums-are allocated amount investment portfolios-subaccounts-and earnings accumulate.
  2. The “distributions” phase when you withdraw money, typically as a lump sum or through various annuity payment options.
  3. Annuity payout options that can provide guaranteed income for life.

If payments are delayed to the future, you have a deferred annuity. If the payments start immediately, you have an immediate annuity.

As its name implies, a variable annuity’s rate of return is not stable, but varies with the stock, bond, and money market subaccounts that you choose as investment options. There is no guarantee that you will earn any return on your investment, and there is a risk that you will lose money. Because of this risk, variable annuities are securities registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The SEC and FINRA also regulate sales of variable insurance products.

Stocks, mutual funds and variable products are not suitable for all investors. Before making any purchases, you should carefully read the prospectus and prospectuses for the underlying investment portfolio of variable products and other information about the investment company. In addition to carefully reviewing the prospectus you are advised to consider carefully the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the investment before investing. A prospectus may be obtained by contacting Meier & Associates or directly from the mutual fund, insurance company, or offering entity.


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*Stocks, mutual funds and variable products are not suitable for all investors. Before making any purchase you should carefully read the prospectus and prospectuses for the underlying investment portfolios of variable products. In addition to carefully reviewing the prospectus, you are advised to consider the investment objectives, risks and charges, and expenses of the investment before investing. A prospectus may be obtained from our office or directly from the mutual fund company, insurance company or offering entity. **Variable annuities are long-term investments designed for retirement purposes. Variable products have limitations, exclusions, charges, termination provisions and terms for keeping them in force. There is no guarantee that any variable investment options in a product will meet their stated goals or objectives. The account value is subject to market fluctuations and investment risk so that, when withdrawn, it may be worth more or less than its original value. ***Index or fixed annuities are not designed for short-term investments and may be subject to caps, restrictions, fees and surrender charges as described in the annuity contract. Annuity product guarantees including optional benefits, for both fixed and variable annuity products, rely on the financial strength of and are subject to the claims‐paying ability of the issuing company.

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